Student Listening in Class

Students from Private Schools Score Highest Levels in Math and Reading (Council for American Private Education 2014) 

Private School Children Score Higher Than National Average in Vocabulary (Council for American Private Education, 2013) 

Our Students Surpass National Average in Science (Council for American Private Education, 2012) 

Children in Private Elementary Schools Outscore National Average in Geography & History (Council for American Private Education, 2011) 



Holy Cross Academy offers academic excellence and Catholic faith formation to ensure life-long learning and the development of responsible and compassionate citizens. The ability of each of our students to achieve her/his personal best begins with high quality teachers and strong leaders. All Holy Cross Academy campuses are accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. All Holy Cross Academy teachers are licensed through Ohio Department of Education and work within state of Ohio academic content standards, which establish research-based benchmarks for students at every grade level and across all disciplines.
Our students are exposed to a synthesis of curriculum, virtue and responsibility, teaching our students to not just be smart, but wise. This wisdom allows our students to respond to the world in a different way: acting with justice, having more courage, and having a heightened work ethic and sense of generosity. At Holy Cross Academy we give our children knowledge that will allow them to imagine all of the possibilities for the world, to know they are a part of the world, and to be responsible for the world.


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