My name is Lisa Montgomery and I have had the privilege of being a part of the SS. Philip and James school community as a teacher for 17 years.  I currently have the opportunity to teach science grades 5-8, religion grades 7-8, and coordinate the eighth grade homeroom.  I truly enjoy being a member of the SPJ Kindness Committee, Genius Club, Spring Musical, Environmental Club, Confirmation Team, and much, much more.  Together with an outstanding group of amazing and creative teachers and with the support of the dedicated staff of SS. Philip and James, I am committed to providing families with a loving environment and an exceptionally sound Catholic educational foundation.  SPJ families, Thank You for sending to school your very best!!   Without you SPJ would be impossible. 

2018-2019 Lesson Plans:



Eighth Grade

Mrs. Montgomery


Religion (Mrs. Montgomery)                                                                                    
-Confirmation Preparation culminating with the Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated in the Spring
-Focus on Saints including a school-wide Share the Saints held on the feast day of All Saints
-Study of the History of the Church
-Passion Mime a reenactment of Jesus’s last week on Earth with a inspirational performance given on Holy Tuesday
-First Grade Buddy Program ending the year with personalized children’s books written and illustrated by the eighth grade students       
Reading (Mrs. Morber)                                         
-Use of basic literary elements and vocabulary
-Integration of speaking, listening and viewing with writing experiences
-Reading across different types of genre including:  Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, -Drama, Speeches, and Oral Tradition
-Author Study
-Monthly Book projects
-Sustained Silent Reading
English (Mrs. Morber)                                                                                                            -Instruction and use of the conventions of standard English
-Grammar and usage when writing, speaking,listening and reading
-Use of technology to produce and publish writing
-Use of a variety of organizational structures/projects including: Narrative, Literary          
Analysis, Expository, Prompt/Extended Writing, Research, Multimedia, Poetry,                
Math (Mrs. Mackey)                                                                                     
-Emphasis is on preparing students for high school Algebra I. Students study more complex operations with numbers, continue to build their foundation in geometry, and are introduced to more complex equations.                    
 -Advanced Math 8 (Algebra I)-Students will model, interpret, build and solve expressions, equations, inequalities and functions.
Social Studies (Mrs. Hatfield)                                                                                                   -American History from 1607 to 1877: Colonization through Reconstruction
-Connect how the historical events in America has shaped life today
Science (Mrs. Montgomery)                                                                                                     -Focus on Physical Science with review of Earth, Life, and Space
-Science Fair is an every other year project with students showcasing their findings in a local fair and some qualifying for District 13 Science Day and the State Science Fair held in Columbus OH.
-Physics Festival is an every other year activity with students in 7-8 working in cooperative groups to build, run, and test amusement park rides.   The unit culminates with a trip to Cedar Point.
PE (Mrs. Montgomery)                                          
Focus on Fitness- Themes rotate on a four-year cycle including the SPJ Olympics, President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, Playground Games, and American Sports.  Field Day held for the entire school on the last week of school is organized, set up/cleaned up, and lead by the students in the eighth grade class.
Art (Mrs. Salupo)                                                 
Much of 8th grade art class is spent compiling and constructing the SPJ Yearbook.  Graphic design, basic drawing techniques, grid drawings, working with clay and paints are also explored.
Music (Mrs. Clay)                                        
Spanish (Mrs. Welch)