I am Mrs. Kelly Morber and  have been teaching Language Arts at SPJ to Grades 5-8 since the year 2000.  I received my undergraduate degree in Elementary 1-8 with a minor in Psychology from the University of Akron in 1992.  Before coming to SPJ I taught in many different capacities including long-term subbing, home instruction and private tutoring.
     Currently I attend Malone University where I am pursuing a Master’s degree in Special Education with a goal to graduate in May of 2014.
     I enjoy reading, shopping, listening to Broadway music, theater, traveling and spending time with my family.


2018-2019 Lesson Plans:

Seventh Grade

Mrs. Morber

Reading (Mrs. Morber)            

 -Use of basic literary elements and vocabulary
-Use of reading and study strategies in content areas
-Integration of speaking, listening and viewing with writing experiences
-Study of cultures
-Reading across different types of genre including: Fiction, Nonfiction, Drama, Classical Mythology, Fables and Parables and Oral Tradition
-Monthly Book Projects -Sustained Silent Reading                                        

English Language Arts (Mrs. Morber) 
-Review of the conventions of standard English, including capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing, speaking, listening and reading                                                                                  
- Prompt Writing
-Use of technology to produce and publish writing
-Use of organizational structures/projects including: Narrative, Persuasive, Research, Speech, Informative/Explanatory, Poetry, Literary Analysis, Multimedia

Math (Mrs. Mackey)                                            
Emphasis is on Pre-Algebra skills and algebraic reasoning. There is a strong emphasis on geometry as well.                                 
Advanced Math (for qualified students) covers both 7th and 8th grade math curriculum with some Algebra I skills in preparation for Algebra I in 8th grade.

Social Studies (Mrs. Hatfield)   
-World Studies from 1000 B.C. to 1750: Ancient Civilization through the First Global Age
-Focus on ancient civilizations and how they have shaped the world today

Science (Mrs.Montgomery)        
-Focus on Life Science with review of Earth.  In the winter an introduction to Chemical Interactions where a “Periodic Table Party” is held to help understand the concept of element interactions.
-Science Fair is an every other year project with students showcasing their findings in a local fair and some qualifying for District 13 Science Day and the State Science Fair held in Columbus OH.
-Physics Festival is an every other year activity with students in 7-8 working in cooperative groups to build, run, and test amusement park rides.  The unit culminates with a trip to Cedar Point.

Health (Mrs. Montgomery)    
 An overview of personal health, fitness, and safety with concentrations in decision-making and choices.  In the Spring a focus on Family Life including Drug and Alcohol Awareness, Adolescence Changes, Reproductive Development, Communicable Diseases, and Social and Community Agencies.  All topics are embraced with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

PE (Mrs. Montgomery)
Focus on Fitness- Themes rotate on a four-year cycle including the SPJ Olympics, President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, Playground Games, and American Sports.  Field Day held for the entire school on the last week of school.
Art (Mrs. Salupo)     
We continue to discuss the different styles of art with more of a focus on specific artists. Students learn about the history of artists and then create their own works based on the artist of topic.

Music (Mrs. Clay)

Computer (Mr. Mitchell)

Spanish (Mrs. Welch)