Hello, my name is Beth Hatfield, and this is my second year as a teacher at Saints Philip and James School. I am the sixth grade teacher, and I have the honor of teaching Social Studies to grades 5-8, and Religion to 5th and 6th.

I was born and raised in Kentucky, and I am a product of Catholic Schools having attended them from first grade to twelfth grade. I pursued my collegiate studies at Cumberland College where I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. I have two daughters: Chelsea graduated from Saints Philip and James School and is currently attending Central Catholic; Haley will graduate next year from SPJ. My favorite thing to do is to watch my daughters participate in their various sports and activities. My husband David is a coach here at SPJ for basketball and volleyball.

2018-2019 Lesson Plans:

Sixth Grade

Mrs. Beth Hatfield


Religion (Mrs. Hatfield)                                                                                
-Focus on Scripture from the Old Testament
-Continue participation in school Mass
Reading (Mrs. Morber)
-Class novels The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle & Tuck Everlasting
-Compare/Contrast essay between novel and movie Tuck Everlasting
-Focus on character mapping, elements of novels, & comprehension skills
-Reading logs based on monthly themes during Library
English (Mrs. Morber)                     
 -Grammar Review
 -Continuation of Prompt Writing, Prewriting strategies and use of the Writing Process
 -Use of technology to produce and publish writing
 -Use of various organizational structures and projects including: Narrative, Summary, Poetic and                     
 -Expressive, Descriptive, Persuasive, Free Writing, Presentation/Research
Math (Mrs. Mackey)
 Students review working with fractions and decimals, but there is an incorporation of variables and algebra topics. There is a strong emphasis on geometry and students will learn how to work with negative numbers.
Social Studies (Mrs. Hatfield) 
-Regions and People of the World      
-“Travel Around the World” to learn the history, government, and culture of other countries
-Develop an understanding of an interdependent world
Science (Mrs. Montgomery)   
Focus on Earth Science with reviews of Life and Physics.   Students participate in the bi-annual Science Fair or Physics Festival with an appropriate project.  Every other year students attend a 3 day-2 night Outdoor Environmental Education Program located at Camp Christopher in Medina.
Health (Mrs. Morber)  
An overview of health concepts involving family, social, emotional and physical aspects.  Projects involving critical thinking and vocabulary are used throughout.                                                                           
PE (Mrs. Montgomery)    
Focus on Fitness- Themes rotate on a four-year cycle including the SPJ Olympics, President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, Playground Games, and American Sports.  Field Day held for the entire school on the last week of school.
Art (Mrs. Salupo) 
We discuss the different styles of art and create projects based on those styles. The class uses many materials such as oil pastels, paints, chalk, etc. to complete the projects.
Music (Mrs. Clay)
Computer (Mr. Mitchell)
Spanish (Mrs. Welch)