My name is Mrs. Angela Mackey and this is my 11th year at SS. Philip and James. I teach 5th grade Math, 6th grade Math, Pre-Algebra 7, and Algebra 8. I also teach 5th grade Language Arts (Reading, English, and Spelling).
     I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Middle Childhood Education with concentrations in Math and Language Arts from Kent State University. I received a Master’s in School Library & Information Sciences from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. During my free time, I enjoy visiting Amish country, reading, and visiting zoos/museums with my family.

2018-2019 Lesson Plans:


Fifth Grade

Mrs. Mackey


Religion (Mrs.Mackey)
In 5th grade Religion we study what Catholics believe, how we worship, how we live, and how we pray. There is specific emphasis on the Sacraments and what God is asking of us.
Reading (Mrs. Mackey)    
Students are exposed to elements of Reading through the use of novel
English (Mrs.Morber)
-Basic Grammar instruction
-Prompt Writing
-Prewriting strategies and the use of the Writing Process
-Use of classroom technology
-Various writing projects including: Poetry, Compare/Contrast, Narrative, Descriptive,  Informative, Persuasive, Presentation, Research
Math (Mrs. Mackey)                                                                                  
Focus is on whole numbers, fractions, and decimals. Emphasis is on mastering concrete topics so that students are better prepared for abstract ideas in 6th grade.
Social Studies (Mrs. Hatfield)   
-Regions and People of North America
-Focus on early inhabitants and the impact of European exploration & colonization
Science (Mrs.Montgomery)         
An Overview of all Strands of Science:  Life, Physical, Chemical, Earth, and Space.  Focus on Science Inquiry and Scientific Ways of Knowing.  The Scientific Method is stressed.  Students participate in the bi-annual Science Fair or Physics Festival with an appropriate project.  Every other year students attend a 3 day-2 night Outdoor Environmental Education Program located at Camp Christopher in Medina.                                                                                                                
Health (Mrs. Montgomery)                                                                     
An overview of personal health, fitness, and safety with concentrations in decision-making and  healthy choices.  Focus on Health and Wellness.  Throughout the year attention is directed to the DARE program sponsored by the Canal Fulton Police Department.  This program centers around choices involving  Drug and Alcohol Awareness with information given on  Social and Community Agencies.   In the Spring Family Life is the unit including Adolescent Awareness and Sexual Reproduction.  All topics are embraced with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
PE (Mrs. Montgomery)
Focus on Fitness- Themes rotate on a four-year cycle including the SPJ Olympics, President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, Playground Games, and American Sports.  Field Day held for the entire school on the last week of school.
Art (Mrs. Salupo)
We discuss the different elements of art and create projects using those elements. The class uses many materials such as oil pastels, paints, chalk, etc. to complete the projects.                             
Music (Mrs. Clay)                                    
Computer (Mr. Mitchell)                       
Spanish (Mrs. Welch)