Mrs. Lavery

   Hello, my name is Georgette Lavery. I am the Preschool and Pre-K 1 teacher.  This is my 14th year of teaching at Saints Philip and James School. I attended the University of Akron and graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development in 1983 and my Master’s Degree in Family Development in 1992.  With my  Professional Pre-Kindergarten License, I began my teaching career at Lakeview Preschool and then taught for 10 years at The University of Akron Center for Child Development teaching both preschool and college students. Besides teaching SPJ’s youngest children I enjoy gardening, reading and spending time with my family.


Mrs. Lavery

Curriculum for Preschool

•Follows the Diocese of Youngstown Preschool Curriculum which is aligned with ODE Early Learning Content Standards. 
•Provides for a developmentally appropriate learning environment which encourages and fosters achievements in the domains of physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and spiritual development.                            
•The environment is enriched by Catholic values which lead to an appreciation of God’s gifts.                       
•Centers on a belief in the natural curiosity and interest of each child to learn.                                                     
•Provides for a balance of spontaneous play and teacher directed activities connected by relevant topics or themes (Apples, Pumpkins,  Animals Getting Ready For Winter, Holidays…)                                                   
•Is supported by assessment that provides information for individualized teaching and adapting of instruction.              
•Daily activities in the Preschool/Pre-K1 include:                                                   
•language arts (comprehension, rhyming, alliteration)
•music (rhythm, beat, following directions)
•outdoor play (gross motor skills)  
•pre-reading and pre writing skills
• science (observation, predicting, sensory table, cooking)
• social studies (mapping neighborhood library walk, time/history from predictable daily routines, socio-dramatic play (economics -apple orchard, post office, restaurant, doctor’s office, grocery store…)
•hands on math (measuring, patterning, classifying, mathematical problem solving- #boys +#girls…) 
•creative art
•blocks and building toys
•home center (creative and dramatic play)
•manipulative toys (puzzles, fine motor skills)
•music (following directions) /outdoor play (gross motor skills)