Profile of the Graduate

Graduates of Holy Cross Academy will strive to become models of their faith, excel academically, bolster the community, and foster exemplary character.


  • Exhibit a knowledge of their Catholic faith and develop the ability to articulate and defend the Church
  • Strive for a deepened sense of spirituality and a rightly-formed conscience
  • Demonstrate and understand of the importance of the life of Christ and the role of Mary in the Church
  • Use prayer in their daily lives and participate in the sacraments

Academically Strong

  • Express themselves clearly in speaking and writing
  • Think creatively and independently
  • Love reading and learning and remain intellectually curious
  • Master all content areas and be well-prepared for high school
  • Realize their maximum potential and excel academically according to their individual ability level
  • Develop multiple interests as a well-rounded student
  • Integrate technology into their daily lives
  • Master organizational skills and decrease test anxiety
  • Express themselves artistically

Responsible Citizenship

  • Promote community spirit, service pride and patriotism
  • Think globally
  • Appreciate diversity and individual differences
  • Perform acts of charity
  • Respect the natural environment

Christian Leadership

  • Be respectful of others and take pride in their personal appearance, family, and school
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Develop leadership skills in order to become confident, independent, positive role models and agents of positive change
  • Exhibit integrity, honesty, and confidence
  • Maintain a sense of self-worth and a positive attitude in their personal lives
  • Appreciate their bodies and remain physically fit
  • Appreciate their families and extended school family and become involved alumni
  • Participate in extracurricular activities and exhibit good sportsmanship and teamwork
  • Develop basic life skills, social etiquette, and the ability to adapt to social change
  • Stand up to peer pressure