4th Quarter Honor Roll

All a's and b's:
Macy Bachtel-6th
Kayla Johnson-6th
Brock Stropki-6th
Grace Bentzel-7th
Alexa Howell-7th
Ethan Knight-7th
Garrett Weaver-7th
Jay Aaron-7th
Maddie Grillo-7th
Chelsea Hatfield-8th
Lauren Marshall-8th
Daniel Morber-8th
Greta Puhalla-8th
Elizabeth West-8th
All a's:
Elaina Casteel-6th
Juliana Colant-7th
Allyson Johnson-8th
Nash Koch-8th
Natalie Savage-8th


Spelling Bee 

Congratulations Spelling Bee Winners!

The school Spelling Bee was held on January 26th. We are pleased to announce our winners:
First Place-Courtnie Cheshire
Alternate-Jay Aaron

Congratulations to all our participants! Courtnie will be attending the repository spelling bee in March!

Honor Roll

8th grade All 'A's
Natalie Savage
8th grade All 'A's & 'B's
Chelsea Hatfield
Allyson Johnson
Nash Koch
Greta Puhalla
Elizabeth West
7th grade All 'A's
Juliana Colant
7th grade All 'A's & 'B's
Grace Bentzel
Madeline Grillo
Lexie Howell
Garrett Weaver
6th grade All 'A's & 'B's
Elaina Casteel
Kayla Johnson
Brock Stropki



A special congratulations to those students who performed in the "Circle of Life" musical on February 12.